About me

So, welcome to my travel blog, my memoirs, experiences, adventures, thoughts and words of wisdom.

I was never really interested in recording my travels and experiences as I’m a stubborn red-head and figured I could keep it all stored in my head – of course, I was very wrong! Part of me, looking back, wishes I had started a diary or a blog way back then. The other part of me is happy I didn’t. Those reasons for the latter being that I travelled with no other purpose than to see the world, live my life the way it was meant to be, create memories and to learn. For me and not for the purpose of writing it down or purposely creating a story book. Recently I have been pretty reflective on life, you know, by evaluating the past and learning from my experiences, the good and the bad, and I have began to look at life from different angles, different perspectives and with such a positive outlook. I am content in my life and certain of myself and feel that because of this, I can write accurately, honestly, and, of course, share my true opinions and my version of “words of wisdom” with you from my adventures.

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